Monday, October 13, 2014

Filthy 50

What does someone who rides 50 miles of gravel do immediately afterwards?  Drink beer, and dream about the next time she can ride 50+ miles of gravel!!   Filthy 50 was my first gravel ride and I can't wait to do another one.  Any suggestions???? Let em rip! 

I so love how casual this event felt, yet at the same time it was incredibly organized!! Huge props to Trenton for putting on a fantastic event, complete with post race food truck, beer, and a gigantic raffle! I think someone even won a microwave??  I will admit when I found out the "meat raffle" only included one prize of meat I was slightly disappointed, ha!! It's still a dream of mine to win some meat!

The course was hilly in a good way, and the cue cards were super easy to follow. I didn't even get lost!!! I suppose this was mostly out of luck, as the group of guys I was riding with were pretty on top of things. The navigation concern was big motivation or me to NOT GET DROPPED!! From a fitness standpoint I've seen better days, but I absolutely expected to feel that way. So instead of worrying about it,  I embraced the moment and pushed as hard as I could. This is what I love most about riding and racing.  No matter where you are at from a fitness or skill can always control one freaking bad it hurts!!  The pack I was riding with was working really well together until about 42 miles in when one dude decided to turn the screws.  To his credit he was dragging most of our asses up every steep climb.  The moment he started to throw it I tried to go with him, but really I just ended up tearing everything apart which resulted in me suffering terribly for 8 miles to the finish.  I loved every moment of it!

Photo Credit: Pat Lemieux

Now all I can think about is another gravel ride...;)

And....FAT BIKING!!! I so can't wait for the winter season to start.  I'm saving $$ and plotting out logistics to make it to as many Great Lakes Fat Bike series races as possible. I am also in the process of getting my Beargrease all ready to rock, and can't wait to try her out this weekend at the Murphy Nocturnal Race.  Time to dust off the lights!

On another note...last weekend I volunteered for the first time at a NICA race.  I had so much fun and was super happy to be given the job of a "Rover" for all of the girls races. "Red Rover, Red Rover, send April right over." Being a rover pretty much meant that I just got to ride around for 3 hours and cheer for everyone!!! If an emergency had taken place I would have had to get involved, but thankfully I just got to cheer and ride!!  I left the race feeling so inspired by all these girls riding super hard and really pushing themselves, what a day! 

Lastly, huge congratulations are in order for my Michigan BFF that finished a solid 4th place at 24 Hour Worlds (in Scotland) this past weekend...way to go Danielle!!!  I had a blast Saturday virtual cheering for her and this was my hand-up to her around 8 pm! Did someone say Dominos??

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