Sunday, November 23, 2014

45NRTH Women's Winter Biking Night at Freewheel

WINTER IS HERE!!!  Well at least I thought it was :(  I can't believe I was actually sad to wake up this morning and see grass.  It felt like the "Grinch that Stole Christmas".  This is what fat-biking has done to me...I actually love winter now. 

And so do the folks at Freewheel Bike and 45NRTH and that's why last Wednesday night they hosted the first Women's Winter Biking Night!!  Thank you so much!

Photo Credit: Freewheel Bike
What an awesome event that celebrated women, bikes, and winter. The event was so popular that Freewheel quickly reached max capacity within a few hours of posting the event. Perhaps next year they'll take this operation to a local brewery!!!  Huge thanks to winter biking enthusiast ,Sveta Vold for capturing the remainder of all of these awesome photos!

I met so many wonderful  women that night and realized that I could talk about bikes and gear forever and ever and ever and that I'd never get bored.  I so loved sharing my winter gear/nutrition tips as well as the funny mistakes that I've made over the last few years. I even got to ride to and from the shop with some of these awesome chicas!

I also learned a lot from Chelsea, Natalia and the rest of the ladies at the event.  Like, did you know that unlike synthetics, wool will still keep you warm even when it is wet? And did you know that wool sport bras actually exist?  Oh and apparently there is actually a proven chemical reason why it takes longer for a bottle to freeze when it contains something other than just plain water.  So I'm not's really true!

Chelsea talking about her favorite, the 45NRTH Greazy Cap

Lastly, I realized that I'm completely & utterly obsessed with hand warmers :) so much that someone should probably hire me or something :)  Here is the stash I picked up at Fleet Farm after riding Elm Creek this weekend.

Speaking of Elm Creek -- can I get a rah! for the best groomed singletrack in town!! I finally made it out there to ride yesterday and wow, I totally forgot how hard it is to ride a fatty on snowy singletrack! After a few hours of driftin' and chasing Rob and Spoo my core is absolutely shelled!  Love this feeling.  Is it December 20th yet???

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