Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Christmas Week full of Gifts!!!!

It's amazing sometimes how much can actually happen in a week!  As I sit here and type this post it seems nearly impossible that it was just a week ago that we were racing The Solstice Chase.

First of all....long overdue, I finally took a day off of riding and got my hair done!!!

When it comes to most things in life...Blonde is generally better.  (Blonde Ale, Blonde roast, and Blonde Highlights!!)

Then of course it was Christmas and for reasons you will read below this was one that was rather special to me and I tried to enjoy every second of it with my family!  My mom's tree always makes me smile and I was so happy to finally pass the "Santa" duties on to my nephew Aren!! 

Then on Friday the best Christmas miracle of all dad was gifted an improved heart!! He is now in the hospital recovering from double bypass like a champ and I admit I'm somewhat jealous of his bad ass scar!!  People always underestimate scars -- but I think they are the most powerful symbol of survival.  I promised not to show any gory or embarrassing photos, but I think it's pretty cute he gets to carry around this little pillow for the next few weeks!!  This gift more than anything makes me so happy right now.

Speaking of the gift of life...Tom's sister Chele rescued the cutest little Kitteh ever!!!  She's 3 year's old (still needing a name) and loves to snuggle with my niece Julia!

And then as if life couldn't get any better.... two more amazing things happened yesterday.....IT SNOWED!!! AND THE SUN CAME OUT!!!!

Half way through the ride I came out of the gas station to find these two "Bears" laying out in the sun and each requesting a Mojito. Really?  c'mon.

Tom and I smiled and laughed the entire ride....okay just kidding I complained almost the entire 5 or so miles that we had to break trail. Apparently this is not a strength of mine. However by the time we arrived at Starbucks I had forgotten all about my weakness!!

Last night we filled up at $1.99/gallon and I this has me really looking forward to our New Year's road trips to Michigan!

Now I'm enjoying a chill Sunday and recovering from some of the hardest VO2 max intervals I've done in a long time. I'm certain my coach is trying to kill me. Or at least wake up the sleeping of the two.

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