Monday, December 8, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

EEK!!!! It's officially FAT BIKE SEASON!!!  Get ready for some photos!!!

This year's fat bike season is shaping out to be one of the best ones yet!  I have plenty of fun news to share in the coming weeks, but what I'm most excited about right now is the opportunity to be a part of the first ever 45NRTH Team!!

As most of you know I've been using 45NRTH products for the past couple of years and I'm obsessed with anything and everything 45NRTH.  To now be able to race for 45NRTH this winter and to represent a brand that I feel so strongly about is a dream come true!   When you want the want 45NRTH.

Let's face it...every part of my body that has been cold since I started winter cycling has been suddenly warmed up by revolutionary product after revolutionary product from 45NRTH. The best new product this year is the introduction of the Sturmfist gloves!  I know some of you are dying to hear a review so I'll certainly get one up this week...but the Cliff's notes version is "they are beyond awesome!"

Saturday was a something I was looking forward to for quite some time.  The opportunity to race fat bikes twice in one day!!!  My double race day started out at Elm Creek for the Frozen Frolic time trial format race.  My only goal for this race was to "make it hurt!"  I always love these time trial formats as it ends up being super awkward at the start as we all attempt to "self seed" ourselves.  Of course being female only magnifies this awkwardness even though it shouldn't.  I met my buddy Spoo at this race and me and him are pretty similar in riding ability with him getting the edge on the technical sections and me generally getting the edge on the power sections. Spoo was a gentleman and let me go ahead of him. 
Photo Credit: Maple Grove Cycling
The moment this happened I felt a cloud of doom pass over me :)  I remember thinking damn it...I should have just let him go first. So of course as I rounded through some of the first icy corners I slid out and landed hard on some boulder which gave me a massive quad Charley horse!!   This was really not the kind of "hurt" I was going for.  Soon enough I was making a friendly gesture to get out of the way of snickering Spoo as he passed me.  This turned out to be a blessing because I spent the remaining 45 minutes chasing him like an animal!  If it wasn't for the log short cut late in the loop I would have likely not been able to make the pass.  I rolled into the finish smiling and happy to have successfully completed my first race of the season! 

Photo Credit: Maple Grove Cycling
 Huge congrats to these chicas, I love racing with you! 

Me, Pam, Amanda -- Photo Credit: Scott Spoo

Saturday night was the 45NRTH Vinterhammer Superfat Crit which was a part of the Freewheel Winter Bike Expo!

Getting Ready to Rock! Photo Credit: Mark Woker

I have watched this race a couple times in the past year, but was a little too chicken shit to participate as they always have a bunch of wooden ramps and berms scattered about.  I was telling my coach last week how I was scared that I was going to hurt myself on the wooden obstacles and he pretty much told me to quit being a puss and race!

Urban race start! Photo Credit: Mark Woker
I will be honest I was expecting the race to be a bit more goofing around than actually racing hard BUT I WAS SO WRONG!  It turned out to be a 25 minutes Short Track style race and I pretty much felt like I was gonna vomit the entire time!!

 Photo Credit: 45NRTH
It was super fun to be racing at night in front of a fun cheering crowd!!

Photo Credit: 45NRTH
 Next up...THE SOLSTICE CHASE!!  Can't freaking wait....

Bonfire Season...ahhh!! Photo credit: Maple Grove Cycling

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