Monday, December 15, 2014

STURMFIST5: Winter Gear of the Week

As most of you are already aware 45NRTH recently released their new line of Sturmfist gloves!  I am beyond stoked about these gloves as I've been spending the last couple of winter seasons surviving on lobster gloves & heavy doses of hand warmers.  Which means I had pretty much lost the freedom of all my fingers!

I'll admit, when 45NRTH first introduced a 5 finger glove my first thought was to think it wasn't possible to be warm in these gloves when the temps dipped below freezing. To be fair, history has taught all of us that fingers belong next to each other...well at least if they want to be warm!  However, I am happy to report that with the Sturmfist5 45NRTH has officially "re-invented the glove!" 

My first test ride in the Sturmfist5 was a couple weekends ago at the Elm Creek Frosty Frolic.  I remember when I left my car to warm up for the race the temperature was an exact 20 degrees.  After the race I checked the car once again...20 degrees. These gloves were absolutely perfect. In fact my hands were sweaty the entire race!  On the Sunday following the temp was around 20-25 degrees and I took the Sturmfist5 out for more of a slow chill ride (a ride that for me usually generates less heat and as a result usually involves cold hands!)   I never thought I'd say this....but I might actually consider wearing the Sturmfist5 all the way down to 10 degrees, definitely down to 15 degrees. My hands were super warm the entire 2 hour ride, and this was at a casual pace. 

If you want the sexy details of what makes up these awesome gloves read this!

Since I'm much less science and much more function.... I'll tell you what I love the best about these gloves -- the 100% merino wool liner! Yes, you read that right...100% MERINO WOOL!!!!

Bahh....You are welcome you GREEDY PUNKS!!
Remember, wool keeps you warm, even when it's wet. This is hugely important when you end up with sweaty hands in the early stages of a ride/race.  Half way through a ride I often find my previously warm hands are now freezing cold because the sweat is now turning to ice! Problem solved!

The merino wool liner - combined with 2mm of Aerogel in the palm are what really makes these gloves special.  I also love how these gloves seem to mold to your hand when you are riding.  The more you use them and break them in, the more flexible and functional they become. Finally a solution for 5 finger warmth....a solution that you are bound to love!

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