Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Gear of the Week - Craft Storm Tights/Bibs

When I bought my first fat bike a few years ago the first thing I also did was purchase a pair of Craft Storm Tights. Ever since then there has been no turning my back.  Craft storm is just downright amazing and in my opinion a really strong price performer relative to some other options out there.

Craft refers to them as "tights" however I actually would probably call them more of a pant as they kind of have a slightly looser fit to them.  I like this because since the tights don't come with padding I usually just wear a plain old set of riding bibs underneath them. They also look a bit more casual for say riding to a brewery and such.  However, they are definitely tight enough to enhance performance on the bike and you never have to worry about them getting caught in the drive train or bunched up on your saddle...even when you are riding over people!

Photo Credit:  Andy Gregg (Marquette Photo)
The Craft Storm are unique in that they have a wind breaking  and weather proof front panel.  The rear side of the pants is a little thinner ,material to allow your legs to breathe a little more.  These pants are so amazing that they even kept my legs from getting frostbite last year at Noque when I dumbed an entire hydration packs worth of fluid on the front of my pants!

I have had the same pair of Craft tights for I believe close to 3 years now and they are just getting to the point that I think I need to replace them.  So I like the durability. 

This year I also purchased my first pair of the Craft Storm Bibs and they are easily my new favorite!!  My biggest concern is usually keeping the booty warm so I was worried that since the bibs would be just one layer it would be too thin.  However, I have found these bibs to be actually even slightly warmer than the storm tights I've been riding.  These bibs definitely fit more like a standard tight/bib short and are made out of a nice fleece material to keep the legs warm!  And to quote Tom, apparently these bibs make my legs look "really powerful."  Of course, that was exactly what I was going for :) 

Rocking the Craft Storm Bibs at the Frozen Frolic, maybe Tom is right....
Photo Credit: Maple Grove Cycling

So when comparing the TIGHTS to the BIBS I'd say it really comes down to style and preference.  So go ahead and pick your poison!!! Or hell If you can swing it, buy both!

Craft Performance Storm Men's Bib TightsCraft Storm Tights - Women's


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  2. It was great to know about the product. However, the area I live in has a tropical weather most of the times, so winter gears aren’t of much use to me. The heat doesn’t stop me from working out though. In fact, I make sure that I workout in style, with my amazing designer leggings and matching tops on.