Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Catfish Cup & Postcard Selection

This is the first week in a really long time that I've actually felt as though my life was in balance.  The biggest travel period of winter is behind me and I've managed to dig my way out of my big work pile. Wow, it feels damn good! I managed to watch a couple chick flicks this week and even baked chicken in the oven last night...and that's happened only like never before.

It was so nice to wake up in my own bed Sunday morning & have pre-race breakfast at Hoagies in Hopkins. Cold Catfish Cup was such a fun event and I already can't wait until next year!  I was super happy to hear that we were going to be able to race the full lap length, which included the lake loop power section.  I had a rusty start getting hung up in some handlebars and then just about killed myself in the first 10 minutes of the race in the hopes of securing a great spot and staying with a fast group through the single track.  

My main goal for the race was to flat out just ride as hard as I possibly could and luckily I had made the decision to switch to the 45NRTH Vanhelga's for this race. I can't even begin to express how awesome these tires are...honestly I'm usually prone to ride a tire with too little tread, but this tire rolls real fast! I think it's safe to say I've never felt more confident on a tire...just grip and rip!

 Big thanks to Angry Catfish, City of Woodbury, MORC, 45NRTH, Podiumwear and the rest of the sponsors/organizers for helping put together such an awesome event. I had such a blast putting on the winner's vest & climbing to the top step! Psst -- I think that's CBS!

Photo Credit: Johnny Woodside

Photo Credit: Johnny Woodside
Congrats to Megan (2nd) and Chelsea (3rd).  This was by far one of the most competitive women's races with a huge 3rd place battle between Chelsea, Pam and Martha -- these girls all raced their hearts out and rolled through the finish line absolutely emptied.  You inspire me!

Speaking of inspiration...did you all see that a bunch of crazy amazing people finished the Arrowhead 135 this week!! Tom had the chance to watch most for the race first hand and turns out the men's race turned into a 4 person sprint for the finish.  I can't imagine sprinting to the finish after 15 hours of racing & eating! People keep telling me I should do that next year and I keep telling them that that race is for the crazy people, not me.  No, Seriously.

Photo Credit: The one and only Thomas Quinn Morgan
One more thing.  So as you all know I've decided to dip my toe deep dive right into gravel racing and turns out you have to send in postcards to register for most of those.  First of all, I didn't even realize you could still buy postcards...but you can... because "drug stores" still exist in Hopkins.  As I turned the carousel of postcards reading "Minneapolis", "St. Paul", "Land of 10,000 Lakes", I figured these were all embarrasingly lame cards to send in and  finally settled on this one....

"The Many Moods of Loons." At first I thought it was lame, but now, I've decided it's pretty freaking awesome.

Now it's back to the waiting game as we all closely watch the Penn Cycle Fat Tire Loppet updates to see how this warm weather has impacted the course layout for this weekends race - oh and back to watching another toilet paper roll destruction....

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