Sunday, January 18, 2015

Farmhand Race Recap & Winter Gear of the Week!

Before I get started on all kinds of race, travel, adventure blah blah.  Have you heard of these freaking amazing patches?!?!

Huge props to my buddy Seth for the tip.  I just picked these up today at REI and miraculously I have saved 2 pairs of cycling bib pants and easily lots of $$$.  If you have some technical clothing that needs some patchy I highly recommend!!  So since I'm behind...that's my super quick "Winter Gear of the Week!"

I cannot even begin to express how awesome it feels to be home this weekend, sleeping in my own bed and riding my very own favorite trails!  I ripped out a couple of laps at Elm Creek this morning with Hollywood and JP and it may have easily been the best ride of the winter so far!! Sun was out, it was warm and the trail was mint!!!  I'm starting to refer to Elm Creek in the winter as "CJ's" trail, because it wasn't for the super nice  CJ Smith none of us would be able to enjoy this Velcro awesomeness.   Today was also the first time I tried out a Vanhelga tire on the trail. I was riding the 45NRTH Dillinger5 up front and the Vanhelga in the rear.  Generally I wouldn't have chosen that combo and really it was just a matter of convenience that they were set up like that today. However....I LOVED IT and it is now one of my favorite tire combos! I can't believe how much grip and control I had riding today and it was obvious that I wasn't lacking any speed in obtaining that.  As Hollywood would say..."Party on!"

I'm way behind on giving a proper recap of the Farmhand Fat Bike race, but long story short it was another awesome trip!  Ever since racing with Danielle at Wausau in 2013 I've been dying to make a trip to Grand Rapids! Tom, Spoo and I all made the trip and after stopping for a night in Chicago we finally arrived Friday night in time to meet the pups and then head over the Grand Rapids Bicycle Co. for packet pick-up! 

Spoo & Chelsea at GRBC!
I had so much fun meeting all of Danielle & Jill's buddies and even got the luxury of experiencing what it's like to have such a sweet mechanic as Ted Bentley!  Huge thanks to GRBC for helping Spoo and I clean off our salty bikes and special thanks to mechanic's Ted and Lee for all your help with cleaning and swapping tires -- you guys are the best!

Saturday's race was quite a challenge!  It had dumped about 10 inches of snow in Grand Rapids the few days prior to the race and as you can imagine that made for some seriously technical singletrack! I was quickly reminded that power is my strength and that I am not good at riding my bike in a complete straight line!!! I struggled with the conditions and Danielle had an awesome race!  I was stoked for her as not only did she win the women's race...but she was 5th overall including men!  Pretty...freaking....rad!  Congrats also to 45NRTH rider and buddy Evan on rocking out a 2nd place finish.  When the conditions get nasty...he gets fancy!

Photo Credit: Rob Meendering

Huge thanks to Danielle and Scott for hosting us last weekend! I'm pretty sure Tom fell in love with Naomi and we'll be purchasing a greyhound some day!

I finally took a weekend off of racing and have taken advantage of all the rest I can get. I'll certainly need it for the next 5 consecutive weekends of racing......hold on tight!!!!

Photo Credit: Neil Washburn


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