Saturday, January 31, 2015


Cheers to the freakin weekend!!  (Okay, so I know that's so 2 years ago, or wait maybe 3 years ago...but whatever,I still like it!)

This weekend seemed to absolutely not come soon enough. Sometimes I feel like I'm planning so many races and vacations that it feels like I'm just wishing my life away.  Kind of scary -- but I love that I always have things to look forward to. Deep thoughts.

So, here is today's early morning photo of "Van Life" which is EN ROUTE TO MINNEAPOLIS!!! Eek! We are so excited to be hosting Marquette's finest Evan & Bryan this weekend along with Michiganite Steve & Dakotan Sean. It's gonna be tight at our campsite, but judging by the passenger in the back seat...I'm guessing it's gonna be a fun weekend!

I'm really stoked that the series is now moving to Minnesota and I don't have to spend ions of time in the car.  However, I wish some gosh darn SNOW would fall, because this lack of snow seems to be wrecking havoc on my fat bike season.   I'll admit when these warmer temps arrived I was having my own little private dance party, cuz let's face it, who really likes to be cold?  But, turns out you need some cold to keep the snow -- so now I'm feeling guilty. 

This winter really makes me appreciate all the work and stress that race promoters go through in order for put on a fun and safe event.  Big thanks to Paul Krawczyk, Penn Cycle and the rest of the City of Lakes Loppet team for saving the Fat Tire Loppet this year.  I know many folks (including myself) are bummed to not be able to ride the point to point race we had last year.  However I do know that we are going to ride 3 laps of a pretty awesome 5 mile loop (that was probably my favorite part of last years race anyways)!  Plus we get to have folks cheering for us for a few laps and we don't' have to worry about going back to pick up our cars. Plenty of positives!!  This weekend is going to be awesome!

Next weeks event, Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout is in a probably worse predicament because ironically up north Crosby has had even less snow than Mpls and the course right now looks like this.....

Photo Credit:
Boo!. Huge props to race director, Aaron Hautala who is doing everything he can to safely "Save the Whiteout!" This has to be so stressful. I'm not sure there was ever was person or race promoter more dedicated to the rider experience than this man! He is always lobbying to expand the Cuyuna trail system and even better -- he does so in his 45NRTH lucky socks!  Sorry Aaron, I love this photo so much that I had to steal it!  

Speaking of politics...The Whiteout even sent a survey out to all the racers so that they could "vote" on their favorite "Save the Whiteout" option.  I remember thinking..."whoa, this is so democratic."  So of course I voted -- and then I lobbied for others join my side!  Rumor has it that they won't cancel the race....and guess what...often times rumors are true!! Who would ever vote to cancel a fat bike race anyway?  bah!

Okay so please race the Loppet and please race the Whiteout because we all love fat biking and we all love the people that work so hard to make our dreams come true!  See you at the races!!!

That's enough blabbing for one day....besides, I'm late for outlet shopping with my mom, who is my favorite lady in this entire world !!  Cross your fingers for some good sales!

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