Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Frozen40, Frostbike, & Field Tests

Can you freaking believe that it is almost March and we are only like 10 days away from one of my favorite days of the year...daylights savings!! EEEK.  I've had major spring fever lately, shopping for sandals and tank tops and I'm so stoked that ripped jeans are back in have no idea!!

Thanks to my bestie Ericka for assuring me that it's still okay to dress like I'm 15
I keep having to bring myself back to reality and remember that my favorite fat bike race ever is coming up...Fat Bike Birkie!  This race is absolutely awesome and I can't believe that they have already sold out at over 750 participants!!  It's amazing how far this sport has come.

Speaking of amazing fat bike riding. Check out the awesome video 45NRTH put together with sponsored rider and buddy Evan Simula - it's pretty rad.

Groomed trails are where this sport is heading and I'm happy to be racing for a brand that is advocating in this space. I am also lucky to be able to ride great amazing trails like Elm Creek.  The thing is...these trails don't groom themselves and I am humbled by the work and
efforts of those that maintain them.  If you haven't yet I encourage you to help support their future grooming efforts here:

Frozen 40 seems like it was a lifetime ago. It was brutally cold that day and I was beyond stoked to come away with the win and a new course record. The race took me darn near 4.5 hours!! Since I feel that blogging should be timely and I missed the boat I'll leave you with a few photos that really show how awesomely cold and fun this race was!!

Sarma Racer, Matt Acker is leading the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series
Photo Credit: Bill Vitali
I also was victim to an epic PODIUM FAIL!!! 

When Tom posted this photo on Facebook I damn near spit out my beer.  I'm certain there were at least a few "ooop look at her pink undies!" It still makes me laugh every time I see it. I even find it more comical that I feel the need to explain myself and my compression tights. In all reality this could have easily been pink underwear...because lets face it...who doesn't like pink underwear?

Last weekend I was lucky to be able to attend Frostbike & hang out with sponsors 45NRTH and Lazer. 45NRTH booth was killer with a huge Musk Ox.  I of course had to take a photo with da boys and da beist....and I couldn't stop petting it all night. It was so cute.

Me, Scott, Kurt & The #45NBeist & New "Ride Groomed" Hats!
45NRTH released their brand new tire combo the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist. RELEASE THE BEIST! I'm convinced there is nothing these tires can't handle.

yes, that's Jay Petervary...
Evan Simula in the background rocking the new tire combo in Grand Targhee
Lazer is coming out with some really awesome new shades in the coming months, the Waymaker Way1 and Way2 and I'm damn near obsessed with them. I tried on like 8 pairs and decided I want ALL OF THEM! Especially this pair!!

Oh and I got to try on their Lazer Genesis Lifebeam helmet with built in heart rate monitor.  I'm pretty excited about this helmet and the possibility of losing the annoying HR strap.  Lazer is so innovative.  By the way...have you tried their Magneto shades yet -- they are amazing for winter riding.

Since I finally took a couple weekends off racing, coach has had me doing some speed intervals to get ready for the Birkie and then tonight had me do a field test....UGH.  It's been awhile and I don't know what it is about field tests, but I swear I get more nervous for these tests than actual races. However, not much beats that exact moment when you realize it's over and you know you don't have to do another one for at least a couple months. Aaahhh.  Here was my view post slaughter fest. 

Yes our house is a bit of a disaster -- but check out cute little fat boy.  That's where he sits every single time I ride the trainer.  It's the cutest thing ever and melts my heart.

Speaking of fat boy...he's down to 16 lbs!!!!  Way to go Vito!

Lastly, huge congrats to 45NRTH teammates Evan Simula & Danielle Musto on amazing races this past weekend.  Evan placed 3rd in the Rovaniemi 150 in Finland, and Danielle took the win at the 906 Polar Roll!!  Talk about beists!