Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gravel. 200 dirty miles of Gravel.

So the truth is that I knew this moment would come.  Where fat bike season would end and then reality would sink in and I'd remember...oh sh*t!... I signed up for a 200 mile gravel race!!!

Photo Credit: Matt Leizinger

What do I even know about gravel?  Well, It's dusty, and it's deep, and when you crash it gets stuck in your skin.  Oh, and it reminds me of my friends cabin..and that one time when I got attacked by deer flies. Crap... I really hope there aren't deer flies in Kansas.

I heard that when you ride gravel in Kansas it can be really deep, and really sharp.  I also heard it can be really hot, and really windy. But it's also really beautiful. I heard that I might get lost. That it will likely test my body and mind more than I can imagine.  I heard that I will probably want to quit a millions times, but that in this process I will learn something new about myself!  

This is why I signed up. Yes, I'm nervous, but it feels awesome!!   I realized late last year that I missed this feeling.  That I missed training for an epic race. That I missed the high that comes after finishing a race of this magnitude. I missed the suspense. 

And so it begins.....  The gravel road to a Dirty Kanza Finish Line.



  1. Dirty Kanza is a great race. I have no doubt you'll love it (and rock it). See you there!

  2. Thanks Kate!! Hope to see u at DK! Happy training!