Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Bike Day...Can I have more Salsa please?

We just got back from Mexico (more on that later, of course!) and just when I thought I couldn't possibly smile any bigger I turned on my phone to learn that it was NEW BIKE DAY!!! New bike day is pretty much the best day ever!!

The message from Nick read  "Happy Birthday! Rides better than any one I've ridden yet!!! Lucky you."  :):):) 
EEEKK!!! We drove immediately from the airport to Tonka Cycles, which is an awesome shop just down the street from our new place in Hopkins!  Have I mentioned how much I love Hopkins?!?! 

Choosing each individual part of a bike build can be incredibly stressful & nerving I'm never sure what it's really going to end up looking like... and eventually riding like. Plus I'm trying not to break the bank in the process, thus deciding where to cut costs and where not to, etc.  Seeing this bike in person nearly made me's beautiful beyond what I could have ever imagined!  And I am overwhelmed with gratitude towards Nick for offering to build this bike up in the late hours during Minnesota's crazy spring bike season.

I'm so stoked about these SRAM Rise first carbon 29er wheels!
 Generally speaking each mechanic has an opportunity to add some of his/her own personal touches and I'm so happy that he decided on some sassy white cable housing as well as this super awesome Salsa top cap....which pretty much sums up the summer of riding I have a head of me!  You are the freaking best Nick - thank you so much!!

Since talking about this Salsa El Mar Ti build I have been amazed by the number of people that have told me "Awesome! you are absolutely going to love that bike!"  Which has me all the more amped to finally take it out on the trails. I promise, I will dedicate this first ride to all of you!

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  1. That is a beautiful bike! Show us pictures of you riding it as soon as you get it up and running.