Monday, May 4, 2015

Best Spring Ever!

Let's start out by saying that this is seriously the BEST SPRING EVER!!  I'm absolutely loving life, loving this awesome weather, loving that we moved to Hopkins, loving long group rides and REALLY loving my decision to stay local this spring and embrace the growing gravel scene!

I rode the Dickie Scramble a couple weekends back and it turned out to be so much better than I ever expected.  The course consisted of one of the gnarliest descents I've ever ridden on a cx bike and I swear some of the biggest climbs in Minnesota.   

What goes up, must come down!
Photo Credit:Todd Bauer
Photo Credit:Todd Bauer
(His head was seriously popping up through a hole in the bridge - so badass!)
The best surprise though came at the very end.  As I pressed hard over the final hill and across the finish line I realized that absolutely NO ONE was there. There was just a red line sprayed across the gravel, indicating the end of an awesome ride.  As I slowed down and calmly rolled my way back into town I reflected on how weird it seemed to not have anyone at the finish line, yet how it hadn't really changed the way I felt about the day's challenge. Thank you Drew for organizing an amazing event, and thank you even more for reminding me that my own sense of accomplishment is always enough.

Like riding 115 miles on Saturday!!! that's the farthest I've ridden my bike...ever!!! Big thanks to my new riding buddies who have made this Dirty Kanza training block such an enjoyable experience - I seriously look forward to riding my bike for 6 hours these days...go figure.  

This past weekend was so sunny and so full of action that I swear I was smiling the entire time. Saturday afternoon I got to rock my brand new Lift Blouson Tank on a recovery ride. The fit is so comfortable and the fabric is so soft!!!  The sweatproof back pocket was perfect for my iphone...and I'm sure it will be great for storing snacks....hmm I wonder if I can fit a donut in there...

Huge congrats to Tom and many of our best friends for kicking ass in the Tonka Half Marathon on Sunday!!

Orange is totally Tom's color!!!
I actually woke up at 6am to pound out tempo intervals just so that I would be ready to celebrate with them afterwards.  I timed the ride just perfect so that I was able to bump into them around mile 8 and cheer them on to the finish..."GO TOM, you look amazing!!!"

Post race celebrating at Maynards! These cats are the best!!
Photo Credit: Lisa Wacek

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