Thursday, May 28, 2015

Welcome to's Party Time!!

One of the best things about my bike is that it takes me to some really unique places that I’d likely never travel to without it.  We made it to Emporia, Kansas!!  "There's no place like home!"

I am so stoked for all the epicness that is to come this weekend that I can hardly stand it. I’m mostly excited about all the fun reunions I get to have with some really great friends and even my CTS coach!  Leaving work yesterday was like the best feeling ever…you know what I’m talking about!  Party time!!!

Wednesday Night Recovery Ride!
It’s been a really long time (maybe since Ironman?) that I’ve been this excited about a race, and more specifically about the challenge that’s ahead of me.   I’m slightly naïve, but it’s naïve in a good way.  There is a lot of unknown after 100 miles.  However, there is for certain one thing I will have complete control over…and that is my mind.  Long races like this take so much more than great fitness to get to the finish.  It's an eating contest, a pacing contest,  a mechanical contest, a roll with the punches, flat out guts contest.  There is no getting around the fact that eventually it’s going to hurt. And when that time comes, I will greet  the pain with a smile and enjoy every freaking moment of it. 
Meanwhile….if you haven’t done so already, PLEASE VOTE! For my friends in Duluth, MN (a really awesome town) so they can win the Bell Helmets Bell Built Grant, and be rad.


  1. Good luck dear! I hope you’ll enjoy this trip. You know friend I am also going to attend an outdoor party. This party will be organized at the party halls in Bay area. I am so excited for this trip!