Friday, June 12, 2015

If you wanna ride...Ride iSSi !!

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know I've made a few changes this of which is a change to riding iSSi Triples I’ve been a Shimano XT fan for the longest time, however when I saw all these amazing colors & the weight (316g/pair!) of these pedals my jaw dropped!  I couldn’t resist….these pedals are absolutely beautiful and I want ALL of them!! All the pedals!!
Dirty Kanza 200 was an event like none I’ve ever experienced before.  The muddy conditions not only made for a brutally satisfying race…but they also wrecked extreme havoc on just about every component of my bike.  To this day it still shocks me that I actually rode my broken bike across the finish line, and as we tally up the damages and necessary repairs ….I’m in utter amazement of the performance & perseverance of one key component of my bike that day… my kick ass iSSi Triple Pedals! 

Not only did they survive the Dirtiest of Dirty Kanza’s unscathed, but these sexy lime green pedals performed in muddy conditions at a level that blew my freaking mind!  Over the course of the race we had to hike our bikes for a combined 3 miles through clay like mud that was so thick it stuck to our shoes like glue! At one point it seriously appeared as though I was wearing big fluffy bear slippers.  It was hilarious….and super easy to laugh through all the dorkiness and suffering because every time I hopped on my bike to ride it… I clipped in with ease. Giddy up!  I recall passing racers pulled over removing mud from their cleats and the post-race photos confirm the difficulty many people had getting clipped back into their pedals. 

iSSi pedals sealed the deal for me in that day in Emporia and I’m stoked to be riding them on all my bikes…..I mean how can you resist HI VIS YELLOW...and REALLY RED??!!!!

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