Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lutsen99er on tap..and other fun stuff.

Holy smokes, has it really been almost a month since Dirty Kanza?  The month of June seems to be flying by...slow down summer!!!   I just got back from kicking the crap out of some steady state intervals...and you know that means....  time for another race!!!   

Tom and I will both be heading up to Lutsen this weekend for our first Lutsen99er experience.  Yes that's right....TOM IS RACING TOO!! I cannot be more excited about this.  I love it when Tom supports me, but I love it so much more when we get to race together. This only happens a few times a year and I promise to cherish this moment like it's going out of style!  I'm also jacked because my whole family (parents, and brothers family) is making a fun weekend out of this. It's guaranteed that I'll have a couple of cute little kiddos to post race recovery swim with!

Lutsen holds a special place in my heart because the Lutsen39er back in 2012 was my 2nd ever mountain bike race....it was also the first race that I ever won, period. I remember I was so shocked...I was like "what does one do when she wins a race??" So I just smiled and fell on top of my bike. 

In 2012 the 99er sounded like something reserved for the crazies and I remember being so shelled after just finishing the 39er.  I'm a bit gushy in that I cant believe it's already been 3 years of mountain bike bliss, however at the same time,how has it only been 3 years???  This weekend is sure to be awesome.

The past few weeks have been so full of fun, that I've had zero time to blog about it. I was able to enjoy a mother daughter weekend with my mom, aunt and cousin. We shopped, I bought girly stuff at the art fair, we tasted wine, and then I had my first ever Vodka Martini...it was fantastic.

The next weekend Tom and I made the trek to Grand Rapids, MI with my favorite friends Lisa and Christina.  They all took part in the Grand Rapids Tri weekend with Tom and Lisa both crushing the Half Iron distance and Christina taking third in the Aquabike.  I was so proud of all of them!!  Lisa nearly PR'd and Tom had his best race in awhile!!! 

Lisa, Tom, Christina
So proud of this guy - he crushed 5 hours! And the rain finally stopped!
We got to eat tacos, use a selfie stick, drink great beer and then I also got to play bikes with my Michigan BFF, Danielle.  Then, she even brought me an umbrella on race day and then proceeded to cheer with me in the rain. That's what friends are for.
Recent rains flooded the trails  :( So we rode to the beach....no big deal!
 Last week I took part in a Buck Hill smashfest where Robin Williams and I took turns putting the screws to each other for 45 minutes! That girl is tough as nails... I posted my highest average HR in Lord only knows how long!   I'm still in awe of how an event can remain so popular for so many years.  Each year I try to make it to a few of these races...and I wish I could make it to all of them...they are so much fun!!

Alright, now it's time to pack up the bike for tomorrow's bike fit with the Bicycle Fit Guru (yes!!!) and a tubeless tire swaparoo with Nick at Tonka Cycle & Ski.  Putting the finishing touches on my new favorite bike ever!!! Did I mention how much I hate tires?


  1. Robin Williams used to live in Iowa City. She is amazing on a bike. Sounds like you've been having a blast!

  2. Great job tearing up the 99er. I'm pretty sure I saw you out there (ya know, when the fast riders were meeting the slow riders). Cheers!