Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gearing up for Leadville! And a bunch of other stuff.

All I can think about these days is Leadville!  I go to bed thinking about Leadville, I wake up thinking about Leadville, I think about Leadville while I'm eating protein bars, and oh my gosh! did you know that it’s only 22 days until I get to race in Leadville!?!?  Yeah I’m obviously stoked.
I’ve been head down pounding out steady state intervals on the week nights (ugh) and doing my best to keep the volume up on the weekends. Plus trying to make sure I get enough sleep! That last part hasn’t been easy as lately it seems as though “I can’t get enough stuff done, because I have too much stuff to do.”  Yeah I actually said that last week.  And then I realized how dumb that sounded. Hmm… So if I had less stuff to do, then would I be able to get enough stuff done?  Or then would I not have enough stuff to do? Hmm. Deep thoughts. 
Back to Leadville.  It’s no question that the whole altitude thing is going to be interesting to say the least.  So last weekend while it was crazy hot and humid and I couldn’t breathe on my 100 mile ride.... I pretended that I was at 12,000 feet and that of course that was the reason  I couldn’t breathe. So I killed myself and enjoyed the suffering.  Those of you reading this and laughing, you are right…I have no idea what I’ve got myself into. Giddy up! However I am beyond excited about heading to Steamboat Springs with our favorite buddies the week before to lessen the shock factor and also for some much needed chillax time and some riding on what is supposed to be some of the best trails in the US.  Seriously…it’s only 15 days til that’s going to happen! But who is counting?
Blah blah blah…..Meanwhile….here is all the “stuff” I’ve been up to lately…
Cheering our buddy Sean to a 3rd place finish at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon!!
Excited about Sean and Hanna moving to the Twin Cities!
Which included the witness of one of these baby ducks being swolled by a big nasty Lake Nokomis fish of some sort :( …yeah, that seriously happened.
Taking a bunch of photos of Tom’s nasty scar, because I’m admittedly jealous of it's badassness.
Leading out the 5K for the Minnesota version of the Iron Cowboy’s mission to race 50 Ironman’s in 50 States in 50 days…yeah that’s insanity at its finest.  I even thought this wasn’t possible….turns out….anything is possible people!!!
Helen winning cutest running skirt award & Julie looking strong and fit as usual!
Iron Cowboy takes a selfie with Goldy and a Viking Helmet!
Trying to keep Fred’s dirty mouth off my sick new All-City Macho King!  It's hard to resist this frame.
Taking pictures of our favorite Fat Boy! Vito.
Eating all my favorites curbside a Holiday Gas Station with my favorite TCBC Midtown ride buddies.

And trying to decided which color decals to put on my new SRAM Rise 60 wheels....or maybe no decals at all?  geesh.
And then lastly helping Martha, Nicole and Heather lead a RIDE LIKE A GIRL mountain bike clinic at Lebanon Hills, which I am sad to say that I have absolutely no photographic evidence of!  This was my first time leading a clinic and although Martha did most of the talking I really had a great time sharing some of my tips and skills that I’ve learned and even taught myself over the past 3 years of mountain biking.  I was amazed by the huge turnout of over 25 women.  Makes me so proud to be a female rider.  More women on bikes it’s not just a dream…’s really happening!!!  Let’s keep embracing this momentum!!
Next on tap is the Wausau 12 Hour team race with my buddy Scott from Wisconsin. Obviously this means I’ll be racing in the co-ed division again against my former Wausau teammie, Danielle. Danielle and I need to fix the system so that we race at the same time and then on our off laps we can just chit chat and eat Glutino Wafers all day long.   Winner buys tacos!!!  

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  1. Good luck at Leadville! One of my teammates is doing it for his 2nd year. He loved it last year.