Friday, August 7, 2015

Wausau 12 Hour - "Bull and the Old Beast"

Wausau 12 Hour was an absolute freaking blast!  In fact it was such a blast that if you haven't done Wausau24 before you should definitely add it to the bucket list.

Le Mans Start - Scott giving the thumbs up!
This year I teamed up with Wisconsin native Scott Cole to form the Bull and the Old Beast!  He was giving me crap last week when I said Spotted Cow was the best thing about Wisconsin -- turns out he does have a pretty good point, because he was one heck of a teammate and I had one heck of an awesome day trading off laps for 12 hours with this 50 year old stud!

We made a strategic decision to have Scott do the Le Mans running start and the first lap since he knows this course like the back of his hand and well, I hadn't ridden it since last year:)   I had a total blast watching all the chaos of the running start and managed to continue drinking my iced coffee while I held his bike upright.  I may or may not have seen Scott strong arm an individual in an effort to maintain his position. It was impressive to say the least.

I figured he would be pretty close to the front coming through the first lap however when he came through in 3rd place I just about shit my pants.  I totally forgot how to properly slap hands and so yeah....I totally missed his hand, which meant i had to stop my bike and wait so we wouldn't get disqualified. Not pretty.  This awkward hand slap situation continued for at least 3-4 laps until we finally got the hang of it!

Photo Credit: Tammy VandeZande

Photo Credit: Tammy VandeZande
We maintained the lead for the first 3 laps but upon completing my 4th lap I had Leia Schneeberger right on my wheel. I was admittedly not having my best day in the rock gardens and probably could have used some pre-riding and Leia appeared to be on fire and racing the best I've seen her. Other than the Iceman battle with Tricia in 2013, I can't recall a neck and neck race as closely fought as this one.  I was literally hanging over my handlebars lap after lap.  What an awesome race!  

Photo Credit: Gary Smits
The multiple lung busting, quad shredding, laps were certainly taking their toll especially after crashing a couple times on the rocks and then being stung by a bee!! Boo!  However, eventually in the 9th hour our endurance paid off and we were both able to best the remaining laps of the race. Turns out the 3rd place (Jen and Gary Barten) were able to pass Leia and Marty in the final night lap to secure the 2nd place spot.  Huge contracts to all the racers at Wausau!!!!  For the record I have no interest in doing a 24 hour people amaze me!!  I like sleep way too much. 

Not only did I have a blast racing my bike....but I had an even better time hanging out in the pit with our Michigan favs talking about the race, drinking Coke and laughing about just about everything - including the fact that our friend Evan managed to drink 8 beers in 12 hours and still finish 4th place in the 12 hour solo division! Some of us are just better partiers than others.

Tom and Kendra were damn good Pit Boss's!  As you can see, being a Pit Boss is hard work!! You two are the best - thank you!

I also loved ripping the trails on my new SRAM Rise 60 rims, and I'm convinced that's one of the best things that happened to my mountain biking in the last year - can't wait to rock them again at Leadville.  Huge thanks to Tonka Cycles, Coach Matt, SRAM, iSSi for all the miles of smiles!

Photo Credit: Gary Smits
Now it's off to bed and then off to Steamboat Springs in the morning!!!  And only 8 days 'til Leadville 100!

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