Thursday, September 17, 2015

On Racing CX and some worthy Congrats

Oh yeah!  I have a blog! And it’s September!

First for all – HUGE congratulations are in order.  Congrats to all of you Ironman Wisconsin finishers!  I am incredibly inspired.  Shout out to my BFF Lisa who rocked her best Age Group finish (8th!).  She continues to defy all odds getting faster and faster every year. 

And then our good friend Sean qualified for Kona on his first attempt at the Ironman –while completing his residency…who does that?

A couple weeks ago our Marquette buddies Evan and Grace got married. Some of you might know Evan as the bad ass 45NRTH Fat Biker from Marquette.  We had one of the best weekends in a really long time and these two are the nicest perfect pair. How cute are they?

Photo Credit: J.McCarthy

The days since Leadville 100 have flown by in a blur.  The incredible experience seems to have left a mark on me in a familiar kind of way.  Over my many years of endurance racing I’ve learned that epic races like Leadville seem to drain my well of motivation and mental energy beyond what I can ever imagine.  Yes, I’ve spent the last 4 weeks debating my existence in this world and probably annoying the hell out of Tom :) Much like the famous Ironman Blues, these big races always leave me thinking “now what?”

Photo Credit: Linda Guerrette
I gave myself about 10 days after the race to just chillax, get pedicures with my gal pals and enjoy a little unstructured riding and even a few sessions of yoga.  And then I figured…what better way to clear out the cobwebs than to come out of CX Retirement!?!?  WOAH!!! 
Photo Credit: Todd Bauer
After the Jingle Cross tire explosion of 2013 I decided CX and I were not friends and we broke up.  Turns out I missed the lung searing, snot flying, beer hand-up fun/torture that is CX. 

Selfie Credit: Devon Palmer
Photo Credit: Matthew Pastick
I’m happy to be back on the course this year even though I’m suffering quite a bit more than I predicted which I’m attributing to a long endurance focused season.  However, things are already coming around and I’m really liking the change of pace as well my new set of HED Ardennes.  I’m also hoping that this will fine tune the system for the upcoming FAT BIKE SEASON! (Which is mostly all that I can think about these days!!)

That’s if I can afford to make it through the season… BAH!!!! 

Bull in the China Shop strikes again!! Oh yeah I remember CX….that’s the sport where I break bikes and spend all kinds of $$ fixing them!! Huge thanks to Tonka Cycles for dealing with my constant messes and to Nick for helping me mount tubeless mtb tires for into the wee late hours yesterday!

Next up is the Chequamegon 40….one of my favorite races ever.  I’m looking forward to the 40 mile
smashfest, seeing Tom and other friends at top of Fire Tower and the post-race celebration with all my racing buddies! See you cats in Hayward!

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  1. Ah. I see Anna in your CX photos. I love that sassy wench! Have fun with CX season.