Wednesday, October 28, 2015

43 Hours In LA - Laguna Beach X2 & Spooky CX

I'm finally recovered after an incredibly awesome 43 hour trip to LA to visit one of my favs Andrea.  This trip was a bit of a last minute (in my world) impulse booking and the sheer excitement about that along with such a short trip had me incredibly jacked as I ran out of work on Friday night.

I had a layover on Friday night and both flights were fortunately on time. I chilled out on the first flight and then on the second flight decided to put a dent into my Green Acres blog post.  One thing I've noticed is that just about every time I blog on a plane I seem to have an audience. This used to bug me, having someone read over my shoulder....but then I got over it since.... it's a public blog, dummie.  Friday was no different, however, it took me a bit by surprise when the gentleman to my right inquired "Are you a writer?"  huh?  dude....NO! .... Quit reading my blog...psycho. "Um no....not really, I just have a blog [insert snarl face].... it's about bikes"  wow that sounded pretty stupid.  does having a blog mean that I'm actually a writer? I hate writing, those essays in college suuuuckkked! of course he already knows it's about bikes...because he is reading the damn thing!   Suddenly I'm totally distracted with the lines of one of my favorite Chris Farley skits that will never get old!

"We got ourselves a writer here!"
Thankfully the random airline chat subsided and pretty soon I was all smiles and jumping into Andrea's car!!  The remainder of the weekend was reminiscent of an incredible roller coaster ride, fast paced with a mouth full of smiles. Bikes, Beaches, Cats, Shopping, Mexican Mules and amazing guac....We packed it all in!! I swear we talked so much in those first 18 hours that by the time we arrived at Spooky Cross my mouth was literally exhausted.

Saturday Morning @ Laguna Beach
My long time and super awesome CTS Coach, Matt Freeman also lives in LA and he borrowed me his fancy Niner "B" bike. I had a blast racing and really the bike worked like a charm landing me on the 2nd step behind Pro CX racer and Dirty Kanza Queen, Amanda Nauman !

Photo Credit: Mila Sebastian Allinson

Photo Credit: Jeff Urban
The best thing I'm learning this CX season is that even when "I'm not taking things seriously" I'm still able to extract my fitness and see good results. Fitness doesn't lie and biking is supposed to be smile and don't take yourself too seriously......seriously. 
More Cats ON BIKES!!!

Needless to say I'm still loving my off season and this was one of the best weekends in a really long time. Thank you Andrea for your amazing hospitality!!
Sunday Fun Day! Post Laguna Beach wave surfing + seeing a sea lion 10 feet away!!!

And thank you Matt for the sweet bike and the sweet "It's 90 degrees and I'm racing in California!" experience. You both rock!
Best coach eva!!

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