Monday, January 25, 2016

Carver Lake Cold Catfish Cup + Some Awesome Randomness

Wazzzup!!! I kind of sort of forget about this blog ...or actually I just have a hard time writing about randomness, especially if' I'm right smack in the middle of all of that randomness.  I like races, and I like writing about races, so since I just did one of those said races, I'll write about it...and then talk about all the awesome randomness too. Deal?

I love how these pink Hed Wheels & Onyx Hubs "pop" in the snow!
Photo Credit: Matthew Pastick
Last weekend was the Carver Lake Cold Catfish Cup and also the start of what will be 7 races in 7 weekends! Yeah, that's kind of insane. Actually did you know what insane is?  Racing your bike for 135 miles in the one of the coldest places in the North America?  Yeah...that's insane.  Go Jill, Kurt, Pam, Brian, JP, Tracey, Sveta and all the rest of you crazies rocking Arrowhead a bunch of bosses! I can barely take my eyes off the tracker and updates to write this!

Catfish Cup was amazing and it was awesome to be back racing with 200+ people as it seems like an eternity since the Solstice Chase.  Angry Catfish, MORC, 45NRTH and many other sponsors came together to produce a pretty killer event, and one that's easily the best bang for your buck. In fact if you signed up early you left wtih a pretty rad Stanley Thermos, that probably covered your race entry and then some.  Not to mention the amazing post race pasties, free beer and huge raffle, including a free bike! Dang!

The trail also boasted some of the best groomed conditions I've seen at Carver.  I managed a decent start and then rocked out a pretty gnarly yard sale in the singletrack which fortunately DID NOT rip my pants for the 2nd weekend in a row! Woohoo Party on!  Finally I settled into a rythm and managed to make up a little bit of lost time on the boys ahead, however I was kept honest the majority of the race by the speedy pink Sonia Pond.  I met Sonia on one of Randall's road rides last summer and she's come bursting onto the fat scene this year. The nicest gal ever (seriously!) and one hell of a shredder. So get used to reading that name...cuz this girl has a mighty bright future!

Podium hugs are the best....and it's also important to make sure that you're friends never ever miss a podium that they worked so hard to earn!

So what happened between Solstice and Catfish?  A whole lot of awesomeness that included a lot of time at home spent with my family, celebrating the holidays and doing normal things like nearly peeing my pants playing the Pie Face game, drinking wine and then painting the Spoonbridge and Cheery (things get tough after that 2nd glass) and sitting basically FRONT ROW at the Vikings Game that was damn near zero degrees!

Oh and I also knocked out my first ride in my dream boots, the 45NNRTH WOLFGARS and basked in the excitement that my feet were warm and toasty for an entire ride at zero degrees! That was pretty amazing.

Tom and I also took part in some adult things, like snuggling with cats and shopping for houses (more on this later!) These next 7ish weeks are shaping up to be quite the adventure, naturally one that I'm pretty stoked about.  Prepare youself for some weekly updates because this girl has a lot of racing to do!! 

A cat's paw on your shoulder...priceless!!


  1. Well, I love reading about races... So it's a perfect match! And to know that you had such a great time in between successful races? That ought to have felt real good, right? Add to that a free bike, a memorable winter right there!

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    1. Thanks for following Lisa!! it has been a great winter thus far!