Saturday, April 9, 2016

Life Lately...

Guess what's April!!!!  I know...I just have to get that outta my system at least once a year:)  Life has been pretty awesome lately and my cup has been overflowing like mad since the end of Fat Bike Birkie. NEED A BIGGER CUP!  I'm pretty excited  about the future and what life appears to have in store for me, yet at the same time I'm loving the simple joy of this warm cup of coffee next to me.   Here's are all the awesome things I've been up to:

Feeling Grateful:
I spent much of the last month feeling overwhelmed and grateful for all the amazing support I've been given this past winter.  I'm so lucky to have an amazingly supportive husband, friends and family that "get" me (hugs!) and I'm so humbled to have the support of an incredible team of sponsors such as 45NRTH, HED, Tonka Cycle & Ski, Onyx, SRAM, iSSi, and the amazing Bicycle Fit Guru. Plus I get Matt at CTS, the best coach this sport has to offer.  Combined they all make it possible for me to race my best best and even better these brands are driven by some of the most amazing people in the cycling community. They inspire me to be faster, more gracious, more positive, and in the end a better role model for all those inspiring cyclists out there.  Thank you for trusting me with your brands.

Trying new things:
After a long, intense season of training and travel I'm about as shelled as the next gal and desperately needing a break. So I try new things to "mix it up." In the process I stumbled upon   [solidcore] (thanks Christina!). Okay I admit Coach has been trying to get me to do more actually do my core workouts for the past 3.5 years.  Generally speaking, I hate core and if I I have to do it by myself..nope, not happening. Well this class rocks - it's essentially an amazing smoothie of all the things that I love about strength training, hot yoga, the Fix Studio and endurance sports..It's an intense 50 minutes (with JC yelling positive encouragement at me to "find it"). It's flat out rad and it leaves me walking (legs shaking) out the door with one of the best endorphin highs there is.  After 10 years of no core workouts, I'm convinced I might actually dig up that six pack again.

I so deserved this racer back tank!

Spending time with family & friends:
One of the things I miss the most during fat bike season is my family and many of my closest friends.   It's hard all winter not being able to spend as much quality time with them since half the winter were spending weekends in the hotel on the road or trying to keep our life in order when we are back in town.  So lately we've been binging on family & friends, traveling to SW Florida and hosting parties and rides and such. I've put on a healthy 5 lbs in this process -- a true testament to the amount fun that's been had!

My amazing parents Karla & Jack!

Wrapping my head around Dirty Kanza:
200 miles is heck of long way no matter how you slice it... and it takes an enormous amount of mental strength, grit, & pit bull desire to reach that far off finish line.  Getting my mind prepared for an effort like that is a process that takes place over a couple of months, not just a couple days.... I'm starting that process right meow.

photos like this are good reminders of just how deep I have to dig at Dirty Kanza.

Being a homeowner:
Tom and I slowly adjusting to the joys and challenges that come with buying a new "oh, we need a water softener? and oh..we don't have one those?"  Haha!  However we're also loving waking up in our own place, meeting our friendly neighbors, and are looking forward to getting our hands dirty in the backyard this summer.

I'm so in love with our new table - it's actually the same one that's in the Cuyuna Bike House!

Geeking out about about agriculture:
Lately I'm also geeking out about my job in the agriculture industry- getting involved in lots of exciting things related to world trade, on campus recruiting, and project management. Growing up in the suburbs I couldn't tell a farm from my backyard but these days I'm proud as ever to work a company that's helping feed the world.

Next on tap is a bunch of group rides and getting my fill of the local gravel scene.  Bring on those warm sunny spring days, I can't freaking wait!


  1. Ao glad for your amazing year! All who get on there bike and ride will find an open-door to places they couldn't imagine. great post.

  2. So true lake!! Thanks and hope to see you soon!