Friday, October 7, 2016

BACK ON IT! And Louisville Bound...

I'm Louisville bound and beyond stoked to cheer Tom on to yet another Ironman Finish this Sunday! I'm expect to be stuffed full on race day energy and positive mojo!  Anyone that's trained for an endurance event of this magnitude knows what it takes just to get to this start line in one piece ready to rock. I'm proud as ever of this cat, and it's true that I'm always inspired by his dedication and and persistence! He never complains about training...not like I do sometimes :) !

Photo Credit: Nick Weiler
Speaking of Training....I'm BACK ON IT!! And feeling motivated as ever!  I went through a longer than normal blah phase after Dirty Kanza where training felt like a bit of a drag.  However, these days I'm jacked as ever about nailing my over under intervals and doing everything in my power to gear up for Iceman amidst a fun October travel schedule! Giddy up!!  I recognize that everything has it's season and it's important to take a break...even if it's just mentally.  But no mas break for me!!! Bring on the sufferfest!

I've been doing my best to mix it up with this fall....jumping in to the Wednesday night snot flying CX races,

Photo Credit; Not Sure!!
Let me know if you took this so I can give proper credit! 

enjoying some single-track with Tonka's Rough Riders

Post Lebanon mtb had me BRAT!
Photo Credit: Eric Robertson

and finding time to do some other things like Yoga right on Target Field!!!  I suck at Yoga, and I dislike almost every second of it...well except savasana, but this experience was pretty rad!

BFF Ericka getting ready for some Down Dog!
Photo Credit: Hilary Dolan
This week I even broke out the running shoes one morning to get ready for our vacation schedule! Needless to say after about 20 minutes every tendon in my knees screamed as though it might rip in half!  So I stopped, grabbed a Coffee and walked the last mile instead!  The goal is to make it another 5 minutes this weekend! Braap!  ha!

I have to admit..for my own good...This past month I got a little caught up in losing "those last 5 lbs" and paid too much attention to the number on the scale.  That equated to just a downright feeling of blahness and frankly a disappointment in myself for caring so much about that number...which is just that, a number. Whether it's appearance or a desire to climb up that hill faster it's easy to pay too much attention to that number.  This was a good reminder to me to appreciate the strength that I have and to think of my body holistically -- I'm so grateful for all that this body allows me to do!

In other news, we discovered our oldest likes biking as much as we do....and thus the Adventures of Chubbs continues as she manages to sneak her way out of the back yard once again...

I'm also getting my fat bike dialed and ready to rock for the winter season ...turns out it's already snowing in northern MN.  Not sure I'm ready for cold and snow just yet, but seriously looking forward to my favorite season of the year!

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