Friday, November 4, 2016 were pretty special.

Oh October…I don’t’ even know where to start.  This month was one for the books and I’ll remember many of those special moments for the rest of my life.  It was a nice break from our typical routine which generally involves toast in the morning, work, racing, getting up early,and making sure I get in those 5 rides and trying to always hit the watts on my workouts. 

 Instead this past month was mostly about “US”, celebrating 10 years of marriage and me getting the opportunity to support the love of my life while he persevered to his 8thIronman finish.  The month was a steady reminder of how blessed I am to share my life with someone –and someone so damn awesome at that.  I try desperately to never take this for granted, and as such I spent most of October just staring at Tom in awe.  10 years, how did that happen!!

We kicked off the month with a trip to downtown Louisville for Tom’s Ironman.  Tom drove down mid-week with Jeff and I took a Friday night flight down.  This allowed me my first opportunity to book my very own UBER…and oh my gosh… where has THAT been all my life! UBER for President!

We’ve been to Louisville before but this was the first time staying right downtown. We shared a room with Jeff and together splurged on one right by the Finish line….it was surprisingly schmancy and I had a blast running (yes that’s right) along the nasty Ohio River! 

It was a sunny weekend and I was totally lifted by all the Ironman energy!  I rocked a solo spectatathlon on race day (my first time) and I truly loved internalizing the experience. 

I took the spectator bus out to the bike course and even took a small nap on a concrete bench. And of course I snapped a bunch of photos,cheered loudly and then shed a fear tears as Tom crossed the finish line. 

Each Ironman is its own special experience and this one wrecked havoc on Tom’s stomach…. causing him  to spend much of the marathon vomiting all over the place. UGH I could not have been more proud of him for finding a way dig to new depths.  Then, our friend Jeff crossed the line to nail a healthy PR at the ripe age of 65….a truly incredible accomplishment.   What a great way to end the racing season for both of these cats.

Then Sunday morning I got my first glimpse of Brett Farve in real life as I was heading to the airport. I never really thought of myself as much of a “Jersey Chaser” but nope... turns out I’m just as guilty as the next gal…

I was so flustered/excited/stoked I couldn’t even hold a conversation with the UBER driver!!!

If you know us well you know we’re downright obsessed with Mexico.

Our first trip to Mexico together was to Puerto Vallarta for our Honeymoon, so I suppose It’s no surprise why we fell in love with this place. I remember on that first trip hanging out in the pool looking at the ocean and dreaming about what we wanted our life to be like in 10 years.

At that point we weighed a combined 50 lbs more, I had just wrapped up a college basketball career and Tom had just finished his first Ironman in a pair of my Big Ten mesh basketball shorts and Nike Shox…you know those shox that went all the way from your heel to your toe?  Yeah…

I still hated running and mountain biking was so far from the realm of desire or possibility. Heck, we were supposed to have a couple of elementary school kids by now.

A lot changes in 10 years, but then again a lot doesn’t.  We still kept our promise to return to Puerto Vallarta for our 10 year anniversary and we still dream about what our life will look like in another 10 yers.  Perhaps our dreams really haven’t changed all that much after all. Mexico... we adore you.

And then Tom took another trip around the sun (quit doing that!!)…and I surprised him with a costume, which of course I stole to wear while I handed out candy on Halloween! [insert Chewie voice].

I’m pretty sure I am still hungover from the month of October (so much sparkling wine!) – but nonetheless I am beyond stoked for Iceman this weekend and can’t wait to see my Michigan BFF and all our other racing favs…plus I get to race again with Coach!   Braap!

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