Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cheq 40, Jingle Cross and a test of resilience...

It’s been a little over a week since the mudfest buttkicking race that was Chequamegon 40.  Every race is its own beast, and this one really challenged my ability to stay positive and remain focused. I must say, not much beats the pre-race buzz and energy that exists at this race.  It’s truly something special and I was pretty jacked as I lined up amongst 3000 other racers. Of course I was pleased to feel snappy on the roll out and was stoked to be feeling best I’ve ever felt at this race as we plowed our way through Rosie’s field!
Photo Credit: Kelly Randolph
Unfortunately that awesome feeling was short lived...and instead I rode the struggle bus like a champ for next 30 miles…getting passed by what felt like a freaking million people!! At one point Jeff and Pam passed me on the tandem and Jeff asked “do you need anything” and I’m pretty sure my response was “Ha, I need a LOT!” Bah!  Mama said there’d be days like this!!! :)

Photo Credit: Kelly Randolph
Seriously though I’m grateful for these kind of days as they make me really appreciate the great ones.  Regardless I had a blast like usual and loved grabbing a Coke and hearing all the cheers from the awesome peeps on the top Firetower. Love all of you…you gave me the biggest smile of the day!!  And of course my favorite part was seeing and high five'ng all my favs at the finish line! 

Congrats to all the racers out there, in particular there were some truly some great performances. Sonia knocked down at top 10 at her first Cheq 40 and of course a big shout out to Abby for her well-deserved win following a stellar road season! 
These days I’m focused on CX (well sorta) and getting prepped for Fat Bike Season!! Yes, the snow is coming….and you can’t stop it!!!
Photo Credit: Matthew Pastick

Tom and I are in the car on our way back from Iowa City.  I raced the Jingle Cross master's race this morning and pretty much imploded in the heat…no for was an epic blow which had me on my back after the finish seriously pondering if I might need some medical attention. 
I’m guessing running (instead of walking like smart people) through the nasty deep mud on lap 2 was probably the nail in the coffin for me. On a positive note I’m pretty happy with how I rode through the technical sections. I know the fitness will eventually come back around.  
At least my sock game was on point!!

The highlight of our weekend was reconnecting with my college roomie and basketball teammate, Jenna! Truth be told, I used to be a Hawkeye….sporting the black and gold for two season of basketball before transferring to Minnesota. Iowa City holds a lot of firsts for me as I plunged into college and adult life….and for this reason it was so rad to head back there after 15 years. 

Saturday we enjoyed some of the Octoberfest activities downtown….and I got to meet Jenna's dog  with dreadlocks...
Of course we watched the World Cup races and then biked to an amazing BBQ dinner at Mosely’s. Geesh, maybe that's why I blew up, ha! For all we changed over the years, Jenna and I realized, we really haven’t changed a bit. All In all, this was a pretty awesome weekend!! 
Today I'm officially starting the countdown to the cheerfest at Tom’s Ironman on October 9th!! We've got a fall season filled with bikes, beaches, and besties.  At this point I'd say life is pretty, pretty, pretty...pretty, good.