Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Welcome Home Scottie Quinn!

Remember when I posted this this on social media ?! 

Well turns out that riding bikes in your kitchen is actually quite dangerous because My WATER BROKE 4 hours later!  Doh! To top it off we had Evan, Grace, Scott and Brian staying over at our house  for the Frozen 40 weekend festivities!!  We had just rocked a big Lasagna dinner (I ate too much!) and we were all about to go to bed!! I was bent over getting out an air mattress when at first I thought I peed myself, but then immediately knew that my water had broken!! Just like in the movies!!!  I wish so bad I could have videotaped the 10 minutes that followed this realization. Grace being calm and poised,  Tom scrambling in shock to put together some kind of “hospital bag”and grabbing towels for the car!! Me stunned trying to find numbers to the OB Clinic and my Doula...and  the 3 boys huddled together looking like they had all seen a ghost! Haha!!  Of course we’d have a baby this way!!!
In all honestly though it was super terrifying because Scottie was only 33 weeks and 6 days gestation.  I hadn’t done much research about preemies,  I just remembered my Doc friends, Sean and Christina telling me early on that once you get past 30 weeks most babies will thrive. Still, I was panicking a bit internally and really wanting to feel baby move. The car ride to the hospital was scary until I felt her move. Then I could relax a bit.  I fully expected extreme contractions to kick in  – but nope, it was pretty  calm.  Pretty sure Tom and I said like two words the entire drive….and mostly those were Tom’s words assuring me everything would be ok. 
Friday night they started me on steroids for the baby's lungs  (I was doping!!). This was protocol for babies this premature, as  the lungs are generally the last to develop in babies. They also started me on antibiotics to reduce infection risk since my water broke.  Then Saturday morning they suggested we induce labor.

It's about to get real.

Before we decided to induce we were able to meet with our great friend Kari (who fortunately for us is an RN in the Neonatal care unit at this hospital) and also with the on staff Nurse Practitioner from the NICU.  They explained to us all the things that could go wrong with baby Mo – but they along with the on call Docs also assured us that most babies this gestational age do quite well!
We decided to start the induction process around 2pm Saturday, but I wouldn’t have said it felt like labor really started until about 2am Sunday morning.  Then they started Pitocin around 8 am to “get things moving” and I’d say from 10am onward contractions got progressively got more and more intense.  Yowzer - much more intense than I had predicted. Labor was raw, emotional, painful and even humorous at times!  I had what they call "back labor" and this meant that poor Tom and our Doula, Heather rocked an Ironman’s worth of hip squeezes to help ease my pain for the next 8 hours...every 2 minutes like a never ending HIT workout - doh! Gosh I owe these two.

I pictured myself laboring in something cute...but nope, I'm wearing a t-shirt and hospital undies and I'm absolutely unfazed

In the previous months I had watched my fair share of natural birth videos and I remember warning Tom that some of those women in the videos sounded like cows during labor.  I was like “nope I’m not gonna do that…I’m just gonna breath it out.” ;)   Welp let me tell you - about half way through labor I had definitely reached full blown “cow status”!! It was insane!

I pretty much closed my eyes  through the the last 90 minutes of contractions and urges to push.  We tried a few different positions to speed up baby's progress.   If you read my last blog you know I wanted to birth this child naturally – but mostly I just wanted to do so without an epidural.  If you are someone that knows me well, you understand that personally, I wanted to “feel” this life changing moment.  
That said enduring this labor without an epidural was without a doubt a team effort and not something I could have done by myself without the help  of Tom (who was absolutely incredible through whole thing)....our amazing and ever so knowledgeable doula, Heather....our wonderful confident “we won the nurse lottery” nurse Christy .... and a humorous on call Doc who arrived just in time (last 10 minutes!!)  to safely welcome Scottie into this beautiful world! 

We had to deliver in the operating room because our baby was premature. When we first arrived in the OR to push we were greeted by our friend Kari’s smiling face – it was the most reassuring thing ever, knowing she’d be the one to care for our sweet lady after her arrival.  I pushed a total of about 35 minutes (which to me felt like much longer!) Finally baby Scottie made her way into the world on at 6:10pm, almost exactly 44 hours after my water broke.  She was as healthy as we could have hoped, breathing on her own and weighing a a whopping 5 lbs 13 oz (my two favorite numbers!) .  She was ready.... and her first little battle cry changed our lives in in an instant.  

I got to hold and touch Scottie for a little bit right after which reassured me she was doing quite well – and then she was whisked off with Tom and Nurse Kari to be weighed, vitals checked, etc and then eventually to the Neonatal Care Unit where she spent the next 6 days hooked up to monitors and sunbathing to reduce Jaundice. She was such a champ though...reaching all the milestones earlier than expected.  We couldn’t believe how proud of her we already were.  Strong Little Fighter.  We are so grateful for such a magical and divine birth experience. Our labor and NICU team humbled us beyond measure.

Our little Valentine :)
In the first week we were so thankful to have a healthy baby that for the most part we held back our emotions and put on strong faces.  Yet it was very hard to have our baby in the NICU, not being able to hold her for long periods of time and not being able to take her home.  I had to pump around the clock every 3 hours to give her breastmilk, but only was able to feed her the 3-4 times a day that we were with her. The nurses all took such wonderful care of our sweet lady (she had her own room - room # 5 - thanks Kari!!) and we couldn’t have been happier with our hospital choice. That said I still can’t talk about that week in the Neonatal Care Unit without getting emotional and teary eyed. I really feel for those mamas that have babies in the NICU for weeks and months.  It's so incredibly hard!

But then....Saturday Feb 17th we brought Scottie home!!

Things have been going really well....Scottie is a happy baby that mostly eats and sleeps except for a few hours of fussiness.  I love feeding her, dressing her in cute clothes, and hanging out with her on the floor during "Tummy time".

Tom loves feeding her and absolutely adores holding her...she seems to love sleeping in his arms!! 

yes - that's a CATicorn from Auntie Chele.
Our new normal is taking a bit getting used to for us...and for the cats - ha! But we are close to getting a pretty good routine down and I’m grateful that Scottie lets me get at least 5-6 hours of combined sleep each night! 

We have been dreaming about life with his little lady for such a long time!! We want time to slow down,  yet we also can’t wait for all the adventures we have planned for the 3 of us in the coming year. 

Welcome home Scottie Quinn...we love you more than you'll ever know.


  1. A beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. You are so blessed to have a healthy baby, most importantly. And she is immensely blessed to have such wonderful parents. I have to admit, with such a long time between marriage and baby, there were doubts you would join the "club". But please accept my personal welcome to the "club", the best you will ever join. As Scottie grows you will receive unfathomable rewards! There will also be trials and tribulations, but not to worry, they will be shadowed by the successes. Parenting will be the most challenging thing you do in life, but ultimately the most rewarding! Love ya!

  2. Love this April. Congrats on such a having such a tough little beautiful fighter. Sending you love...Neby

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